Life insurance is an integral part of life. There are various plans available that meet the unique requirement of individual US citizens.

But what about life insurance for the non-US citizen? Not everyone who lives in the states is a US citizen, so what options do they have as far as life insurance is concerned?

Non-US citizens generally fall into these categories:

Permanent residents: Also called green card holders, they are treated as same as US citizens.

U.S. Residents: Even though they’re not US citizens, they live in the US. This includes visa holders and work permit holders.

Non-US Residents: Even if you’re a US citizen that primarily lives outside the US, you would come under this category.

Can non-U.S. citizens buy life insurance?

You can get life insurance even if you’re a non-U.S. citizen as long as you have the proper documentation. But as with everything, you might experience some roadblock. Your citizenship status also affects the approval of your life insurance policy from the insurance company.

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of life insurance, but your best chance of getting affordable life insurance is to apply through a broker.

Life insurance and Non-Citizen IDs

Life insurance for non-US citizens also depends on the type of ID/documentation that verifies your legal status in America.

Below are the most common types of non-US citizen ID:

Green card: Green card holders will encounter very few roadblocks and may qualify for best-class rates.

Visa: Visa holders will often see additional steps and some carriers will not be able to offer coverage.

Student Visas: Because most student visas are temporary, many carriers are hesitant to offer coverage.

How carriers approve non-citizens

Most life insurance carriers judge whether or not they can offer life insurance for non-US citizens based on the below criteria.

ID type

Most carriers separate the people they are able to give life insurance based on the type of visa an applicant has. For example, some companies can offer life insurance to students from abroad who are studying in America with an F-class Visa, but most cannot.

Substantial Presence

For most companies, showing 1 year of residential proof is enough to grant life insurance for the non-US citizen. But some carriers require up to 5 years of residence. If you’ve not been in the US for 1 or more than a year, they will consider you to be a Non-Resident. However, a non-resident can still be approved by a few carriers, and may even get best-class offers.

Approved countries list
Many insurance companies have limits on whom they can insure based not only on your visa status but on your home country as well. Some countries don’t allow their citizens to buy life insurance outside of their home country. However, this list is short so it’s typically not an issue.

Life insurance is extremely important to protect your family’s future, especially if they’re dependent on your sole income. So don’t let your citizenship be a problem in attaining your life insurance.

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